Almost Everything We Hoped For: Goodison’s Record-Breaking Night with Everton and Liverpool ending in a 1-1 Draw.

A record-breaking attendance of 22,161 flocked to Goodison Park to witness history in the making as Everton and Liverpool met in the first-ever women’s derby. And what a spectacle it truly was! Sure, it might’ve ended in a draw, but the electric atmosphere left the fans buzzing and wanting more. The result has set the stage for a healthy rivalry to develop between the two clubs as they compete to assert themselves in the Women’s Super League. Both teams put up a strong fight, with Gabby George scoring first for Everton and Katie Stengel equalizing for Liverpool.
The fan-friendly environment encouraged players from both sides to spend time with supporters after the full-time whistle.
While the rivalry between the two clubs is guaranteed to be intense, Liverpool boss Matt Beard stressed the significance of preserving the family-friendly atmosphere that women’s football is known for. It’s a community sport that appeals to dads and daughters, mothers and sons alike. So, rather than creating an unsettling atmosphere, both teams are committed to creating a blend of friendly collaboration and healthy competition. This approach makes for a spectacular game — and that’s what football is all about!
Everton fan Kelly brought her eight-year-old daughter Layla to the match and said that the atmosphere was better than their usual home ground at Walton Hall Park. She believes more games should be played at larger stadiums like Goodison Park to attract more fans. Everton’s manager agreed and called the atmosphere “magic.” Although, he admitted that interest in the team might dwindle without the draw of the derby match.
It’s evident that women’s football continues to grow, and this historic derby match is proof that it’s here to stay.

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