‘Boris wants to talk’: How Marcus Rashford made the former prime minister wait in 2020

Marcus Rashford Takes the UK Government to Task with his Food Poverty Campaign

Manchester United forward, Marcus Rashford, made headlines in 2020 with his relentless campaign to end child food poverty in the UK. Rashford’s initiative gained massive public support, with over one million people signing his petition demanding an expansion of the free school meals program.

His campaign finally got the attention of then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who had a conversation with Rashford after a United match. The government went on to announce a £170 million winter grant scheme to help low-income families affected by COVID. Rashford’s success was even acknowledged with a mural that appeared in his hometown, declaring “Rashford 1 Boris 0.”

Rashford’s activism went beyond mere philanthropy, as it turned out to be one of the most comprehensive and extensive marketing jobs associated with an athlete.

His unwavering commitment highlighted the enormity of the issue and helped rally support on a national scale, even getting an MBE for his efforts. Rashford’s exceptional PR team consistently curated his message, propelling his efforts to the forefront of public consciousness while also ensuring every aspect of his campaign was rigorously planned to make as much impact as possible.

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