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During a Twitch stream, ex-Manchester City player Sergio Aguero experiences heart arrhythmia.

Sergio Aguero Suffers Another Heart Scare During Live Twitch Stream 17 Months After Retirement

Sergio Aguero, the former Man City star, had another heart arrhythmia during a live Twitch stream. The incident occurred a few months after he retired from football, following a similar episode while playing for Barcelona. Aguero has been an active presence on Twitch since his retirement, but during his recent stream, he paused briefly and put his hand to his chest, causing concern among his followers.

During the stream, Ibai Llanos, one of the biggest streamers in Spain, who was co-presenting with Aguero, noticed his brief pause and asked about his health. Aguero disclosed to Llanos that he had experienced a mini-arrhythmia, but refused to see a doctor as he had a chip that would detect any abnormalities and send a signal.

Aguero was forced to retire from football after his last heart arrhythmia while playing for Barcelona, and he was fitted with a pacemaker for his health. The retired footballer has since become a regular figure on Twitch and was even present at the World Cup, celebrating with Argentina’s winning squad.

If you are an avid Aguero follower on Twitch, be sure to keep an eye on his health and wellbeing. Stay safe and take care!

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