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Emma Watson, 17-year-old Rangers midfielder, summoned to Scotland’s senior squad.

Rangers midfielder Emma Watson in action in the SWPL
Emma Watson earns first call-up to Scotland’s senior squad

Seventeen-year-old midfielder Emma Watson, recently breaking into Rangers’ first team, has been selected for Scotland’s senior squad for the first time for two April friendlies. Also earning their first call-ups are Rangers captain Kathy Hill and London City Lionesses forward Sarah Ewens.

Glasgow City’s Amy Muir and fellow defender Rachel McLauchlan of Rangers are back in the squad, while Celtic’s Kelly Clark, West Ham United’s Lisa Evans, London City Lionesses’ Jamie-Lee Napier, Crystal Palace’s Chloe Arthur, and Bristol City’s Abi Harrison are out, along with center-half and captain Rachel Corsie who needs to undergo surgery on a knee injury.

Scotland Squad


  • Eartha Cumings (Liverpool)
  • Jenna Fife (Rangers)
  • Lee Gibson (Glasgow City)


  • Jenna Clark (Glasgow City)
  • Nicola Docherty (Rangers)
  • Kathryn Hill (Rangers)
  • Sophie Howard (Leicester City)
  • Rachel McLauchlan (Rangers)
  • Amy Muir (Glasgow City)
  • Emma Mukandi (Reading)
  • Kirsty Smith (West Ham United)


  • Erin Cuthbert (Chelsea)
  • Lauren Davidson (Glasgow City)
  • Samantha Kerr (Rangers)
  • Christie Murray (Birmingham City)
  • Emma Watson (Rangers)
  • Caroline Weir (Real Madrid)


  • Fiona Brown (Rosengard)
  • Claire Emslie (Angel City)
  • Sarah Ewens (London City Lionesses)
  • Christy Grimshaw (AC Milan)
  • Kirsty Hanson (Aston Villa, on loan from Manchester United)
  • Brogan Hay (Rangers)
  • Martha Thomas (Manchester United)

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