“Enjoy a Complimentary Beer as a Thank You for Being a Fan”

PEC Zwolle Captain Bram van Polen Signs Unusual Contract Extension With Club

PEC Zwolle captain Bram van Polen is known for his creative contract demands, and his 17th season with the club will be no exception. The 37-year-old defender is a club legend, having spent his entire senior career there, even leading them to victory in the 2014 Dutch Cup. Van Polen signs his professional contracts with PEC Zwolle with unique clauses, such as a family vacation, a gourmet meal at a restaurant, and a second-hand car for his wife. Fans admire his creativity and sense of fun, and his latest contract extension commits the club to supply a celebratory beer (or equivalent non-alcoholic beverage) for every season-ticket-holder, volunteer, and sponsor of the club. This is Van Polen’s way of giving back to the club’s loyal supporters. The announcement also included a handwritten letter from Van Polen to express his gratitude to the fans.

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