Ex-Man United hopeful recounts ‘awful’ initiation witnessed by David Beckham and Roy Keane.

Former Man United youngster reveals shocking initiation experience with Premier League heroes

Former Manchester United player Daniel Nardiello has recently revealed a heartbreaking and traumatising experience during his initiation into the Red Devils’ senior team. Nardiello was forced to pretend to have sex with a woman in front of some of the club’s treble-winning heroes, including David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, and Roy Keane. The experience has left him scarred, as he recalls his discomfort and embarrassment when he was asked to describe the woman and how he was doing it. Nardiello’s chilling account of his initiation was recently shared on the Under the Cosh podcast. The former Wales international said that this experience was undoubtedly the ‘worst’ one a player could ever imagine. This incident surely casts a dark shadow over the club’s history, and it’s unimaginable that such barbaric practices existed in the sport.

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