Fans ridicule Cristiano Ronaldo for ‘blatant dive’ during Portugal’s 6-0 triumph over Luxembourg.

Cristiano Ronaldo Mocked by Fans for ‘Blatant Dive’ in Portugal’s 6-0 Victory Over Luxembourg

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, 38, has come under fire from fans for a “pathetic” dive during his team Portugal’s match with Luxembourg. Despite his protestations, the referee rightly gave him a yellow card for the unsportsmanlike behavior. The footage of the dive went viral on social media, with fans mocking Ronaldo for his behavior against a weaker team. However, Ronaldo managed to score two goals during the game, helping Portugal to a 6-0 thrashing victory over Luxembourg.

It is not the first time Ronaldo has attempted to win a penalty with such dramatic theatrics, and fans are not impressed with his shameless actions. Despite being one of the all-time greats, Ronaldo’s actions have left supporters wondering why he feels the need to dive in games against weaker teams.

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