FIFA has removed Indonesia’s hosting rights for Under-20 World Cup.

FIFA strips Indonesia of hosting rights for the Under-20 Men’s World Cup

Indonesia has lost its right to host the upcoming Under-20 Men’s World Cup, according to FIFA. The decision to strip the country of the tournament hosting rights follows the cancellation of the draw by the country’s football federation, PSSI, because the governor of Bali refused to host Israel’s team due to religious sensitivities. FIFA has stated that this decision comes as a result of Indonesia’s failure to meet its commitments to the tournament. A new host will be announced as soon as possible, and potential sanctions may be decided later against PSSI.

The Aftermath

The cancellation of the tournament is a significant setback for Indonesia, where football has a massive following. Indonesia’s population is predominantly Muslim, but the country practices a moderate version of Islam. The rise in religious conservatism in recent years has started to impact politics within the country. Losing the hosting rights would harm Indonesian football teams’ chances of taking part in other FIFA tournaments, and economic losses are expected to be substantial. FIFA says it is fully committed to resolving the situation and providing assistance to PSSI.

Indonesia’s Current Soccer Situation

As hosts, Indonesia had automatically qualified for the Under-20 World Cup, but they have not played in the tournament since 1979. The country has been facing challenges in soccer, including a deadly stampede last year that led to the deaths of 135 spectators at a stadium in East Java. FIFA is committed to helping Indonesia improve its soccer situation and says it will continue to be present in the country over the coming months to provide required assistance to PSSI.

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