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How a Sports Memorabilia Enthusiast’s Empire Was Launched with the Assistance of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

Meet Peter Johnson, the man who turned his love for sports memorabilia into a millionaire-dollar business – Firma Stella! As a nine-year-old, Peter got the autograph-bug after meeting Australia cricket captain Steve Waugh, and he hasn’t looked back since. Instead of a paper round, Peter started chasing after autographs and collecting sports gear to sell. He travelled the world to build his collection, attending F1 races in Asia, the Rugby World Cup in Japan, and Manchester City pre-season tours. With four and a half years of hard work under his belt, Peter went from £10,000 in debt to becoming a millionaire with Firma Stella!

Firma Stella’s facility boasts a team of twelve full-time employees and a morale-boosting dog named Leo. From £10 photos to £5,000 signed shirts, the online store has a range of signed sports gear for all levels of sports, from League Two to Champions League clubs. With celebrities like Siya Kolisi and Mo Salah displaying their signed gear, Firma Stella is a one-stop-shop for sports fans. But the real highlight for Peter has been meeting Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, and getting to sell signed No 7 Manchester United shirts with Ronaldo’s name on the back for over £1,400!

Peter’s initiative and research skills paid off when he tracked down Messi, Suarez, and Neymar at a public airport after booking a “fake flight” to get into the terminal. With the likes of Warren Gatland, Manu Tuilagi and Ben Stokes as partners, Peter’s business has been scaling up, and he has big plans to expand into the States and overseas. Join the Firma Stella community and get yourself a keepsake today!

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