Mason Greenwood informed that his return to Manchester United training will be postponed until the upcoming season.

Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood has been informed that he will not be returning to the team’s training ground until next season at the earliest. This comes amid an ongoing internal investigation into his arrest on rape charges, which were later dropped. Greenwood has been suspended by the club since January 2022, and the investigation is expected to take several months to conclude. Although the 21-year-old has expressed his desire to return to playing as soon as possible, the club is conducting a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding his arrest and off-field conduct. Manchester United is grappling with a challenging ethical, human, commercial, and financial dilemma regarding Greenwood. While there are disagreements within the club about what course of action to take, all parties agree that a controversial decision could impact their push for Champions League qualification and campaigns in the FA Cup and Europa League. Therefore, the club is firmly committed to conduct proper due diligence before making a decision.

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