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Mason Greenwood to stay away from Manchester United training until further notice amidst internal probe.

Mason Greenwood’s Manchester United Future in Jeopardy

Manchester United’s young forward, Mason Greenwood, remains suspended since January 2022 following allegations of attempted rape and assault. Despite the Crown Prosecution Service dropping all criminal charges against him, the club has suspended him pending an investigation into his off-field behavior. As per reports, the internal inquest is unlikely to be completed before the summer, spelling the end of the season for the 21-year-old.

Greenwood cleared by the Crown Prosecution Service in February


Greenwood cleared by the Crown Prosecution Service in February

The uncertain situation has reportedly caused concern among the teammates from both the men’s and women’s team of Manchester United. In light of the ongoing ethical, human, financial, and commercial dilemmas, the club may need time to make a final decision on Greenwood. While some staff are vouching for his second chance, others fear the potential damage it could bring to the club’s image. Meanwhile, Nike, EA Sports, and Cadbury, among others, have cut their association with Greenwood. The no.11 shirt, once his, remains unsold but unassigned.

Greenwood's suspension may continue for a while


Greenwood’s suspension may continue for a while

Meanwhile, Man United has reportedly declined offers from Turkish clubs for a loan transfer during the ongoing investigation.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.

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