Premier League Enforces Stricter Ownership Rules to Prevent Clubs from Being Controlled by Human Rights Violators.

Premier League Tightens Ownership Rules to Bar Human Rights Abusers from Running Clubs

The Premier League has unanimously approved new ownership rules at a shareholders’ meeting. The regulations aim to prevent anyone with a record of human rights abuses from running a football club. The UK’s Global Human Rights Sanctions Regulations now count as a “disqualifying event” for individuals wishing to purchase or hold directorship positions in Premier League clubs. The league’s new power also allows it to block those under investigation for conduct that would, if proven, result in disqualification. While the move has been praised by some, others, such as Amnesty International, welcome it as “a step in the right direction”. However, the human rights watchdog warned that the Premier League risks becoming a “sportswashing toy” if it does not enforce the rules properly.

The Premier League has also extended its list of criminal offences, which would lead to disqualification, to include hate crimes, fraud, tax evasion, violence and corruption. The rule changes follow concern about the ownership of some Premier League clubs, including Manchester United and Newcastle United. The proposed acquisition of Manchester United by Qatari banker Sheikh Jassim has raised questions from LGBTQ+ and human rights groups, given Qatar’s treatment of migrant workers, plus the country’s criminalisation of homosexuality. Nevertheless, Jassim has expressed confidence that the new rules will not affect his bid, as he proposes to purchase Manchester United as a private individual.

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