Rangers Coach Headbutts Celtic Boss and Insults Rival as Women’s Old Firm Turns Chaotic

Women’s Old Firm Match Ends in Chaos After Last-Minute Goal and Headbutt Incident

The Women’s Old Firm match on Monday night ended in chaos after Celtic’s Caitlin Hayes scored a dramatic late goal in the 99th minute to equalize the game, cancelling out Brogan Hay’s opener. The goal was celebrated wildly by players and coaching staff, but Rangers seemed unhappy with the way it was celebrated, leading to an incident where Gers coach Craig McPherson was filmed aiming a headbutt at the back of Celtic boss Fran Alonso’s head, and the two sides had to be separated in the ugly scenes at the Broadwood Stadium.

McPherson seemingly headbutted the Celtic coach
McPherson seemingly headbutted the Celtic coach

Despite the uncalled-for action, Alonso stated that he didn’t wish McPherson to be banned or suspended, explaining, “It is frustration. It is not how I would show frustration but that is what it was, and I understand what happened. It is football. These are the emotions.”

Ruesha Littlejohn, a former Celtic player and current Aston Villa striker said that such an incident has never been seen before in the women’s game, but that it’s growing and getting bigger, which can result in emotions taking over. She’s confident that the SFA will deal with it accordingly.

The incident sparked a melee between the two sides
The incident sparked a melee between the two sides

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