Sean Dyche acknowledges his surprise at Harry Kane being evaluated for concussion.

Sean Dyche Mocks Harry Kane’s Overreaction to Abdoulaye Doucoure’s Push

Sean Dyche, the Burnley manager, couldn’t believe it when Harry Kane was tested for concussion after being pushed by Abdoulaye Doucoure during a recent match between Tottenham and Everton. While Doucoure was sent-off for the incident, Dyche thought Kane’s reaction was over the top and theatric. He expressed his surprise that Kane was immediately attended to by two of Tottenham’s medical team and tested for concussion. Despite the incident being nothing serious, Dyche believes that football has become too precious in recent years, reflecting the undercurrent of fans who just want to get on with the game. The Burnley manager compares this to the mid-90s when his teammates would have laughed at him if he had acted like Kane, stating that cheating has become more prevalent and no one says anything. Despite his mocking tone, Dyche clarified that he does not condone the use of hands in the game and believed Dououcoure deserved his red card.

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