Some hope for Ten-man Chelsea after Champions League lesson by Real Madrid

Real Madrid reaffirmed their superiority, earning a well-deserved victory against Chelsea. While Chelsea may have seen a 2-0 defeat as a commendable result, they must overcome additional obstacles to hope for a turnaround. Carlo Ancelotti’s team was a force to be reckoned with, and their Champions League experience helped them dominate this fixture. Conversely, Chelsea’s defensive tactics were ineffectual, which Madrid exploited to score two goals.

For Chelsea to have a chance in the second leg, they will need to mastermind a comeback, but it will not be an easy feat. Real Madrid’s quality was on full display in this match, and Chelsea needs to up their game if they hope to turn things around. This match showed that the Champions League is about more than just skill and that experience and a team’s philosophy play a significant role.

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Karim Benzema scores for Real Madrid


Real Madrid was playing with such complacency that they could have scored more goals. In contrast, Chelsea lacked the finishing power to mount a comeback. However, Madrid’s arrogance left them defensively open, as demonstrated when Ben Chilwell pulled down Rodrygo in the box, conceding a penalty.

Chelsea needs to reassess their strategy before the second leg. It would not be easy to defeat Real Madrid, a team that has built its dominance over the last three years on its philosophy, experience, and skill. Chelsea can only rely on the intangible sensations the Champions League can provide if they hope to achieve a positive result, but they must step up their game to avoid elimination.

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