Steven Gerrard’s Goal Celebration in Charity Match Marred as Celtic Fans Throw Missiles; Admits Relishing Scoring for Liverpool, Saying He “Never Gets Tired”

Steven Gerrard faces missiles by Celtic fans after his legendary penalty for Liverpool

The former Liverpool captain led his team to a 1-0 lead over Celtic in a charity legends match at Anfield with his trademark penalty in the 38th minute. Astonishingly, he becomes the target of the Celtic fans who threw missiles at him and his teammates in protest of his celebration in front of their fans after the goal was scored.

Gerrard went for it in front of the away end


Audit on Gerrard’s over-the-top celebration in front of the Celtic fans

The retribution plot on Gerrard and his teammates


Retrospective act of Celtic fans on Gerrard and his teammates with object-throwing

The turmoil caused by Gerrard's previous connection with Old Firm Rivals, Rangers FC

liverpool fc on youtube

The reason behind Celtic fans’ vengeance on Gerrard’s celebration

The Celtic fans were evidently furious at Gerrard’s celebration due to his previous connection with their Glasgow rivals, Rangers FC. He was the leading figure to end the Hoops’ dominance in the Scottish Premiership by leading Rangers FC to a title win in 2021.

Despite the objects thrown at him, Gerrard continued to goad the Celtic fans as he dispersed from the scene. The home team went on to win 2-0, but Gerrard’s goal remained the biggest talking point of the match.

The match featured several legendary players, such as Dirk Kuyt, Robbie Keane, and Luis Garcia, and the aim is to raise money for programmes across Merseyside under the LFC Foundation.

Speaking after the match, Gerrard said “It feels good when I score against Lio in the back garden! It’s football; it’s the game you love and the club you adore.”

The incident raises questions over the sportsmanship in charity matches and the rivalry it carries in a game regardless of the event’s charitable purpose.

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