Thomas Zilliacus retracts Man United buying offer before third round of bidding.

Financier Thomas Zilliacus Pulls Out of Manchester United Bid, Calls Process a Farce

Finnish entrepreneur Thomas Zilliacus has withdrawn his bid to buy Manchester United, citing frustration with the Glazer family’s decision to demand a third round of bidding for the club. Zillacus expressed his disappointment on Twitter, calling the process a “farce” and accusing the current owners of giving “no respect to the club.” Zilliacus had previously made his intentions public in March, stating that he planned to purchase half the club, leaving the other half to be owned by fans who would participate in decision-making. The Glazers have invited bids for control or a stake in exchange for cash injection, and now appear to be seeking a full sale of the club. The remaining bidders have been given two deadlines, the first being for due diligence by next week, with the final bids due by April 28.

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