Top-flight clubs question Premier League’s decision to charge Everton.

The Premier League facing backlash from furious top-flight clubs over their double standards in charging Everton with breaching spending rules. Many clubs were left angered after the Premier League executives declared last year that there were no potential breaches at Goodison Park. However, nine months after that assurance, Everton was charged quite unexpectedly. Many speculate that the timing of the decision is politically motivated, with Richard Masters, the chief executive, due to be quizzed by MPs on sports governance this Tuesday. Many clubs feel that such a decision not only affects the relegation battle but also undermines the trust among clubs and the league. This move could have a profound impact on not only Everton but other clubs as well.
Everton, who has been submitting all major financial transactions, including signings and player contracts, to the Premier League for two years, are stunned to receive such charges. While other clubs are also frustrated at the entire scenario as it could lead to potential losses. Burnley and Leeds had previously challenged Everton’s spending, but the Premier League failed to tackle Everton’s extravagance at that time. There is also considerable anger and disbelief that the issue was not addressed last summer, as the result of the sanction will not apply to this campaign either.
With Sean Dyche’s side’s fate in the Premier League hang in the balance, many fans are up in arms about the board and the club’s recent performance. Sources say that Everton’s losses in their recent accounts are far lower than the previous years, with estimated figures between £50m and £70m. Everton did sell Richarlison to Tottenham before the end of June last year, which helped lower their losses.
Many speculate that the timing of the charge is an attempt by the Premier League to impress the government and establish its capability to enforce financial rules and regulate sport. Everton is the second Premier League club to be charged with breaking financial rules in as many months, following the Manchester City fiasco. The Premier League source has said that the League had waited until the full audited accounts for 2021-22 were provided, which Everton was required to do on March 1, before reaching a decision.

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