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Unsinkable Titanic of Football Managers: 10 Managers Who Were Doomed From the Start

Football is unpredictable, but sometimes fate is too cruel for the managers. Some events are predetermined, some circumstances beyond human intervention. The football community often witnesses disasters that were bound to happen; however, some still give it their best shot. Even if it is doomed from the start.

Many times, FourFourTwo has thought that a new manager was doomed from the very beginning, and it turned out to be true. For example, a few defeats later, the club sends out a sombre-looking corner flag, declaring yet another failure. Is it because FourFourTwo is an expert in football and knows a lot about the game? Partly, yes!

But the truth is, some decisions are evidently reckless. Such as mid-season changes to managers with wildly different footballing philosophies, club legends as managers with no experience or recycled old managers with a history of controversies. So, let’s take a look at 10 managers we knew were going to fail, no matter what they said.

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