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“Record Attendance and Viewership Numbers for Women’s Sport in 2022: A New Study Reveals the Next Frontier for Sustainable Growth”

A groundbreaking new study into women’s sport has just been released, showcasing unprecedented levels of interest and engagement in 2022. More than two million people attended women’s sports events for the first time, while viewership records were also set, with more people watching women’s sport for over two hours than ever before.

In particular, last year’s European football championships saw a historic 574,875 tickets sold and a global audience of over 365 million people, with a record attendance of 87,000 for the final – the highest attendance for a men or women’s Euros final. The Claressa Shields vs Savannah Marshall fight attracted over two million viewers, making it the most-watched women’s professional boxing show to date.

The study, which was supported by leading sports organizations and undertaken by Two Circles and the Women’s Sport Trust, also revealed that fans are eager to watch even more women’s sport. As women’s sport moves into the mainstream, the amount and depth of consumption is increasing rapidly. However, the study identified that the next frontier to tackle is habitual consumption of sport, ultimately helping women’s sport become sustainable and profitable.

“This study shows there is a huge opportunity for right-holders, media and sponsors to harness this interest in women’s sport,” Tammy Parlour, CEO of Women’s Sport Trust, declared. “The next step for the industry is to find ways to drive fans to develop a more meaningful, long-term connection to women’s sport across many different sports, so the fantastic growth we’ve seen to date does not stagnate.”

As revenue generated by women’s sport in the UK is predicted to hit £1bn by 2030, unlocking growth will heavily depend on the visibility of female athletes and teams. Live events remain the most effective drivers of engagement, but turning these moments of breakthrough into habits will result in bigger, more consistently engaged audiences. Consistency, scheduling, and messaging around events are vital to the creation of positive habits that will lead to sustained growth. The potential for women’s sport in the UK is enormous, and the excitement for the future is just beginning.

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