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Chelsea’s Co-Owner Todd Boehly Slammed for Out of Depth Bold Prediction of 3-0 Win Against Real Madrid

In a pre-match interview with Sky Sports, American billionaire Todd Boehly made a bold prediction that Chelsea would win 3-0 against Real Madrid in their Champions League quarter-final first leg tie. Unfortunately for Boehly, his prediction couldn’t have been more wrong, as Chelsea were outplayed and defeated 2-0 by the defending champions.

TalkSPORT hosts Jamie O’Hara and Dean Saunders didn’t hold back in their criticism of Boehly after the game, as they hit out at the 49-year-old’s lack of football knowledge and experience. Saunders even compared Boehly’s ownership of Chelsea to him running the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL, with no football expertise or understanding.

While fans had fun at Boehly’s expense, joking about him preparing a £100m bid and an eight-year contract for Real Madrid’s 63-year-old coach Carlo Ancelotti after seeing him perform keepy-ups on the sideline, it was a harsh lesson for the Chelsea co-owner that in football, bold predictions and bravado are no match for experience and knowledge.

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